We don’t appreciate health until we lose it.

Lets me start by saying that at the beginning of 2019 I was really excited (Like most people) to start the New Year, and even sent a mass email to my students/subscribers telling them how we were going to rock it. Well, things did not go according to my plan, unfortunately; I got sick. I started getting sick in January 2019 and everything went downhill from there. Somehow my ears were hurting me, I was coughing, my throat was itching,

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Is PHP Dead?

This articles will not be long I promised, cause I’m jumping to facts right away. I’m going to answer the question is PHP dead, and hopefully, put some light into this subject; so that people know the truth. As some of you know, I have a lot of courses on PHP, that doesn’t mean I will be biased when I speak about it because I also code in many other languages like JavaScript, Python, Java, C/C++, and C#. is PHP

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You Might Be lazy and a Complainer Without Knowing It, FIND OUT!

This article is for people that want success! I’m not really referring to you personally but there are people that have become lazy and complainers over time without even knowing it and its not even their fault. How do you know if you have become lazy? If you……. Let you let the bed win the battle in the morning Let things for tomorrow when they can be done today Let time pass you by without doing anything Watch more than 5 hours

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Too Much Thinking is BAD For You?

Yeah, you read that title right. Too much thinking is bad for you, even if it is good thinking. Have you noticed that when you have a lot of things to do, you feel with less energy? I am a thinker and LOVE thinking a LOT just because, but lately I noticed that when I think so much I lose my real present life experiences that go by being in the moment. In order to create thoughts, our bodies need

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Little by Little, Step by Step

Have you noticed that when we rush through things, they come all messed up? I learned in life that we need to take things, little by little and step by step but we need to be consistent. When I was younger I wanted things done yesterday, I wanted things now, but I mean right now. Now that I am older I noticed that mindsets change a lot depending on your age, It’s true that most times we want things done

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ME, ME and ME

Gosh, why do we always think about ourselves so much? If I could do that Why didn’t I do that I look so good I look so bad I work so hard I study so hard I want money I want women or men I want cars I and I and more I’s If we keep thinking so much about ourselves we would never be truly happy. The best thing in life is to live a life of humility and total selflessness. 

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You have 1 or More of These 10 Good or Bad Qualities!

We spend our lives studying and learning specialize knowledge so that we could work and be productive citizens. 1. Some of us study way over our 30’s and spend countless hours working and trying so hard to have materials things. 2. Some of us spend our money going out and buying the things we like without thinking about our future. 3. Some of us spend our money on experiences and still have some type of backup plan for when we are older. 4.

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You will never achieve anything unless ……

Everyday I encounter people who tell me they really want to become great programmers; that they will work hard at it as long as it takes to accomplish their goals. Wanting is not enough to really achieve anything, and people don’t understand this,  because many are ignorant on what it really takes to really get what they want. Merely wanting something will not be enough to really get it. You need to breathe that THING every single second. You need

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Why do we decide to live a Mediocre Life ?

Today I woke up with this thought! Why in the world we decide to live a life with such low standards? I mean know we can do so much better than what we are doing now. How do I know we can do better? If you had one day to live, what would you do? Exactly! You would try to live as much as possible, right? I hope you answered, yes 🙂 The Problem You see, the problem is that

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Installing or Updating PHP on MAC OS X

I created this small post to show some of you how to install PHP on MAC OS X. There are a couple ways of doing this, but I like to CURL. Head over to your terminal, or just search for terminal your Spotlight Search (Magnifier Glass) which is located on the right top screen on your MAC. Or you can find in your launchpad (the rocket symbol in your dock), c’mon is the bottom of your screen.  Copy and paste

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Everything is how you see it!

Have you ever woken up in a cold sweat, or with a feeling of hopelessness and dread, with no idea why? Have you ever felt depressed even though you couldn’t say why? I ask because for many years this used to happen to me. I started reading up to help myself, and over the years I have read over a hundred books and watched dozens of videos on the subject. What I found was that there’s a simple reason for

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It is what It is !

It is what it is, my father used to say all the time when he could not find an explanation to my questions. You see, I was a kid with 10 questions a minute. Nobody was able to keep up with my questions, so I had to find answers for myself and when I could not find an answer, I used my father’s saying “It is what it is”. Now an adult, that answer my father gave me makes a

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Why we do the things we know we shouldn’t do?

Yeah, I know that title sounds weird, but if you think about it, it makes sense. How many times do you make the same mistakes? Exactly, have you ever wondered why we do it? We say to ourselves, I will never eat hot-sauce ever again and the next day, we say “Today is the last day”; then we feel horrible after we do it. We say to ourselves, I will never go back with my ex, just to find yourself

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What the heck happened to my life?

Have you asked yourself, what the heck happened to my life? ?Between work, friends, love, study, hobbies, health issues, kids, problems, jobs, money, our schedule is crazy busy. Life was simple when we were babies, right? Everything was given to us, all we had to do was cry and they fed us, changed our diapers or they made funny jokes to make us laugh. Now we cry and we don’t get anything at all, of course, this is hypothetically?speaking, I’m

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Your mind is the center of your world

The Mind Let’s start with the most important (YOUR MIND). You heard me correctly! The most important part of you is your mind. When I changed the way I thought about things my life changed for ever, but the issue is, the outside surroundings can interfere with our thinking and pull us back into sleep mode. Do you know why you feel the way you do? Because of the stuff, you think about. Think about it! When you feel down

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Take advantage of your time because is limited

I hope you are having a great day with family and friends, and if you are not, that is ok as long as you are happy. My Advice to you all. If you are with family, enjoy them. If you are in the computer, take advantage of your time and learn, If you are watching tv, don’t do it excessively, wasting precious time you could be using to advance yourself or family. Be happy, since others are in worst situations

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Get motivated to learn and finish what you start….

I know how it is, we get busy and unmotivated after a couple days, weeks or months. Stop the pattern……. Finish the course and don’t skip anything until you finish it?100%. These are some of the?benefits?finishing this any course could bring you. More skills More determination A better job More income More energy for other things More confidence Whatever your reasons were for starting this course, write them down by your desk and always refer to them to get motivated.

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Focus today and don’t miss your target

?Focus today and don’t miss your target, and I mean goals if you have them. Your body will fight you in the morning not letting you wake up early but don’t let it. Some of you will get frustrated, tired, sick, annoyed with your day. The reason? for some You are getting out of comfort zone and your body will complain. Can you believe this? Our bodies will even get us sick because it does not like us to make

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Why we are so blessed…..

We woke this morning breathing and alive!!!! If any of these apply to you, you are blessed….. I can see I can walk I can talk I am healthy I have energy I have a computer I have a phone I have a car I have somebody that loves me I love somebody I’m pretty sure you can add more things to this list. Be grateful for the things you have today and don’t take them for granted. Edwin Diaz

Why you need to focus in one thing at a time….

Hi my?friend I hope you will enjoy today and do something productive with your time. Some advices Have discipline in order to finish your?task?today. Write down your goals for the day. Only think about the specific task at hand If you are studying, study, don’t do anything else until you finish. If you are eating don’t think about work or other things, enjoy your food. If you are spending time with family, spend time with them, physically and?mentally; don’t think

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What are you waiting for?

Procrastination is biggest problem I had and it pulled me down to deepest hole you can imagine. Just take action right now and do what is uncomfortable until it becomes comfortable. You can do this, you can do anything if you really want to. Everybody started without knowing anything and this is just the way it is. Take action and make today be the best?productive day ever. why not? try to give your 100% and see what happens. Edwin Diaz

Simple step to get out of any situation…..

I often people ask me, how can they get out of a certain situation. Simple….. Change what you focus on, each moment that you are alive. Every minute you are?choosing?what things to pay attention to,?or?not. Those decisions are shaping how you think, how you feel, and what you do. Change your focus to the things you want and don’t even think?about the things you don’t want. Remember We attract what we focus on, not exactly what want. If you focus

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Another day went by and…..

Another day went by, and we are getting older by the minute, right? Did you planned your weekend? I know I did. I remember when I used to sit around all weekend just watching tv, I thought that was nice, but little did I know what I was missing. I spent all my life until two years ago doing that, and never really achieved anything really big. The irony is, that I work less now, make more money and have

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What are you doing today?

Have you set your goals for today? Are you letting another day pass you by without knowing how it went so fast? Make your day a SUPER day, by giving your 100% in everything you do. Don’t let time go by without letting it know that you are AWESOME. Why live like ordinary people when you are not. How do I know you are not? Because you are?here 🙂 Now finish what you start one step at a time.

Some of us don’t really want success!

We don't appreciate health until we lose it. - image success-road-sign on https://edwindiaz.com

Some of us don’t really want success! A little less than two years ago I was a dreamer, wanting success but not willing to pay the price for it. I wanted just to have money and power come to me like magic. Little did I know that it takes HUNGER and consistency to really get any success. The business that took my life to another level was an eBay business that I created out of nothing. I borrowed $25 dollars

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