Is PHP Dead?

This articles will not be long I promised, cause I’m jumping to facts right away. I’m going to answer the question is PHP dead, and hopefully, put some light into this subject; so that people know the truth.

As some of you know, I have a lot of courses on PHP, that doesn’t mean I will be biased when I speak about it because I also code in many other languages like JavaScript, Python, Java, C/C++, and C#.

is PHP Dead?

Hell no, and not because I say it but because sites like have FACTS. The reason why people think this, is because some other technologies have come and there is always a BUZZ about new things.

Click here to check the FACTS on PHP real quick


Here are some FACTS! 

    • PHP 7 is SUPER FAST, like 10 times faster than before
    • New Features for advanced users
    • 78.9% or more of the internet is using it, so you can find JOBS easily
    • It’s easy to develop anything in PHP
    • It stacks up with other technology very easily
    • It’s easy to find PHP developers
    • PHP has dropped a little but what technology doesn’t after 30 years
    • Even if PHP declines, at this rate it will take over 25 years to be at 50% instead of the 78.9% that it is now, and that will NOT happen because of all the support it has.
    • You will need to know PHP in any web developer job you get
    • You can build APPS really fast and easily with all the frameworks it has

Who Uses PHP? Almost 80% of the web and TOP companies like:

Cloudflare, Rackspace, Tesla, Angie’s Lists, Lyft, BigCommerce, BitTorrent, Udemy, Google, Facebook, Flickr, Digg, Wikimedia, Yahoo, Zynga USES PHP. Do I need to say more?


News for everybody

PHP is NOT going anywhere, anytime soon; especially with all the community working on making PHP better and faster on every new version.

Too Much Hype

There is a lot of hype on other technologies that are SUPER complicated and the learning curve is CRAZY long.

Imagine if you jump into everything that comes out and promises to be the best, and then once the hype is gone, the technology is gone as well.

What will happen to all the time you invested in it? Wasted fellas, wasted time and money.

My advice

Keep creating with tools that make it simple to make apps and keep honing your skills every day. Don’t always follow all the comments you hear, why? Because if you jump into everything you hear, you will never master anything and stay in a CRAZY loop of not achieving anything in life

About the Author: Edwin Diaz Edwin Diaz is an Engineer / Programmer / Web developer, Instructor and Entrepreneur. Hobbies Include... traveling , biking, rollerblading , swimming, hiking , and writing. Personal Note: I believe in the higher power and I'm doing my part in giving without expecting to receive. I love helping people and I plan to leave my mark on this earth by doing all the best I can to help every human being I encounter.

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  • Hi Edwin,
    Really enjoy your courses on Udemy. Love PHP. I too have worried about people saying it was on its way out. Thanks very much for this article.
    Have also tried to learn Python. I found it much more difficult. Particularly when it gets into all the model, view stuff, I also find some of the data structures difficult.
    I read from this article that you code in Python. How about a Python course then?
    I would definitely sign up for one if it was available.

  • sir i just started to learn php and i am very excited that soon i can also build my own website . and thank you for your awesome content on udemy . your teaching style is just awesome .

  • Sohanur Rahman Sohan

    Hello, Edwin Sir !
    I agree with you.

  • I just completed your HTML and CSS code on udemy and enjoyed a lot !! I got to learn many things!!! Thanks and I really hope to join your PHP program soon!!! Keep going. Good luck

  • Hi Mr. Edwin Diaz. I just bought your php online course but it doesn’t download anything. Can you help me to do download it please?
    Thank you

  • Hi Edwin thank you a lot I’m. Really enjoying your courses especially laraval and e-commerce and all others and I hope that you make a course about reactjs

  • Edwin. I would like to take some of your courses but I am not sure if their contents is going to be truly accessible for a screen reading programs. As a blind computer user I was unable to go over your captcha challenge and had to get a sighted person to assist me with this. Do you provide any verbal explanation of things going on the screen during your tutorials? Let me know, please.

  • ‘Alright, welcome back my dear student’, as You always say. Thanks Edwin Diaz. Your course was the best I took in Laravel, as a beginner. I wish you many more successful years ahead.

  • Thank you, God bless you Edwin. You thought me a lot

  • Language is a tool. Python has a great hype but there are domain where you Python false compare to Java or PHP.

  • Hi Edwin I am one of your udemy students. Definitely a question thats been hotly debated all around the net. It did have me worried about am I wasting time learning php because it will become obsolete. During all my discussions online people are always dogging php. Its usually experienced guys my theory around this is that they feel a little insecure that there is this language out there that is pleasant to learn and can take away some scope of what they can do ( no offence to anybody ). Its actually a threat to them in a way. If php were dying and going away why would they waste so much time hating on it just let it die right. Anyway other languages are good, very strange thing php has helped me tremendously with my other languages like JavaScript before I just used jquery for everything. I think what you are saying about trends and the buzz is spot on. Really puts my mind at ease reading this. Thanks for sharing your knowledge here and on Udemy.

  • They just started a server-side web development course at the community college I attend, and it is ALL PHP. I am taking that course along with your Udemy course, and your Udemy course is my secret weapon!

  • They just started a server-side web development course at the community college I attend, and it is ALL PHP. I am taking that course along with your Udemy course, and the Udemy course is my secret weapon!

  • Hi am also called Edwin and you have really ignited my love to code again thank you
    am taking your course currently.

  • Edwin,
    I’m currently taking one of your courses on Udemy. I really enjoy your lectures and laid back approach to teaching. Keep up the good work!


  • Nice article Edwin. Im just curious why wordpress is migrating to nodejs for their

  • Thank you for your advice. I try to follow.

  • A good article @Edwin, I wonder what technologies did you have on your mind mentioning ‘super crazy technologies with hard learning curve’.

    • Hi Dan, I did not say super crazy technologies but I did say CRAZY long learning curve. I was referring to tools like Angular, programming languages like C, Java, Haskell, Scala Objective C, etc. For beginners these languages have a long learning curve; of course, I mean to become proficient on them.

      • Interesting. I wonder what do you think of javascript and Node, how hard is learning curve for them to be proficient. Also Vue has many advanced concepts that are not significantly easier to grasp than Angular


  • Really cool on the road with php

  • Agree it is not going any where fast , but it is impossible to know what the future holds. I would say it is likely it has gone in 25 years though but so will most current languages and in fact probably there wont be a need for most programmers as AI will write what it needs itself!

    • Somebody has to program the machines since AI’s cannot think like we do they are limited on creativity that is required in programming. So even if they can program, they will lack the human emotions that create beautiful awesome things.

  • My two favorite teachers just above this comment ^,^
    Thanks for the reassuring post. I believe it is, somehow, a self sustaining myth.

  • Agreed. The fact that it HASN’T dropped more significantly with everything that’s come out should tell you how hard and slow it would be to get rid of PHP.

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