Hi my beautiful people, this a page for my students all over the world where they express how they feel about me, what I do and what I have done for some. 

If you are one of my students don’t be shy and provide your testimonial and let the world know what you think about me and what I do.

For those that will provide and provided these testimonials, I want to thank you so much for letting the world and me know how I make a difference. For you is that I do what I do, and will keep going until my job is done on this earth . 

Creation is finished now it’s our time to design life how we want it!

Edwin Diaz

What can you say about Edwin or his courses? What is your experience?

Your PHP courses have helped me understand how modern CMS systems are built. The positivity and motivation that energize your learning methods are vital for every student that in the beginning of his learning path struggle and deal with stressful situations. Keep up the great work!

Aleksandar Mitić

Thank you so much for teaching me this lecture. This knowledge has made me get a job as a web designer and Im so happy to start this new career. I will definitely keep learning with your courses as you explained it very well.

Mario martin zapero

Thank you for your Php Course Ireally feel proud of my self after taking the course. I write codes anyhow and they work. Wow! I can't believe I now understand PHP programming languages with going to any programming school. I am an Accounting student but I find PHP really interesting after taking Edwin PHP course. I say THANK YOU!

Zubayr Ganiyu

Hi, Edwin i am a coputer science student still i was afraid of coding . i felt like this is not for me . But from your free HTML and CSS lecture I fell in love with coding now i have understanding of front end and not afraid of failing its like i am in love with getting stuck and figuring my way out . right now ai am in your Php for begginer course i have your laravel course. You are really a great teacher and thanks for motivating. I am learning a lot from you. Thanks for being there.

Biswanath Nath

Your style, your method and the way you chat is just so easy to follow

Hi Edwin

I'm only on video 95 in your PHP course and I just had to say, I've watched several youtube videos, Lynda videos, tutsplus videos and team treehouse - but none of them, absolutely none, can touch your videos.

Your style, your method and the way you chat is just so easy to follow. For me - I need to be spoken to like I'm 5 years old and NOT a robot - its the human touch that you have which makes your course by far miles / planets / universes aparts from other courses. I just cant wait to finish, I already know bootstrap CSS and html, so learning PHP is my next goal.

Thank you and I'm sure I'll message you my feedback at the end.


London, UK

Fabrizio Tumolo Student -Developer

Edwin is a super tutor. The Php course really got me into PHP web developer. Thank.


I really feel like I'm learning and making good progress!

I just completed the main sections of the procedural PHP course - LOVED it.. Just going through the extra features and lectures added now (23 -> 42). But already super keen to start the OOP php course so bought it yesterday. I skimmed through some of the lectures and it looks awesome! The next logical step, can't wait to get started. Thank you so much for making these courses your positive attitude and clear explanations mean that your courses are the only ones I can actually sit through and see out (and I've tried many other courses) I really feel like I'm learning and making good progress! So thanks!

Ant Milner Student / Developer

Hi Edwin your course improved my PHP skills from nothing to something. Keep doing the good work

Ben Kabuula

You have a big heart. Thanks for providing courses for free and thanks for caring about us. One day if I make it big I'm gonna tell everyone you helped me get there.


I did what you said in your videos, set a goal for myself and made sure I disciplined myself to work everyday. It took over two years but I just landed my first job with a tech company in Irvine, CA and I realized that I could still be at my old job doing what I hate if I never took your words close to heart. We all pay a price but there is the price of self-discipline that weighs only 2 grams and then, there is the price of hopelessness that weighs 2 tons. Thank you for helping me come to my senses and put forth effort to pay the less painful one.

Daniel Ocean

I'm so impressed with your Videos,

Hi Edwin,

I'm so impressed with your Videos, currently learning PHP.

You are my God !

I worship you !

Sathyanarayanan Student

I am enjoying your course. I am 50 years old and in my 2nd year of University. I wish to be a non-smoking, alcohol-free, and launching my own website by the time I leave Uni. Yes, life has been more than very tough and I know that if I truly let go of the past, which is well and truly behind me and cannot be changed no matter how many tears are shed then I will live my choice of a ideal life. Your course is the best out there so far as it is relates to real people with real struggles. and you encourage everyone. Hoping to get there! Vee.

Jinsara kimble

Hi, Edwin

There is a someone's quote describes as "Life consists of two days, one for you and one against you. So when it’s for you don’t be proud or reckless, and when it’s against you, be patient, for both days are the test for you." I have mixed feelings for you, I felt really sad about the tough phases you've faced recently in your life and at the same time I am also happy to know that you're feeling much better at the moment. Honestly, after reading your message, I would really like to keep you in my prayers so you can always be smiling and comfortable in your life. And of course you've been missing at here since from your last appearances and many of us were waiting for you patiently. Your comeback is such a great news for students and we are expecting more great stuff from your side. Last but not least, you are not only a respectable and great instructor, in fact, you are truly a leader who really wants his students to be as successful as they should be in theirs' life. Best,

Ali Rizwan Student / Developer

Hi Edwin just wanted to thank you for the motivational classes. I started my programming career last year buying your php for beginners, started with your html, css course. Then I bought javascript, jquery , laravel, pdo. I just got hired and will be starting my new job as developer on Monday as a PHP Junior back end with Phalcon Framework . The initial salary is $55,000 which is pretty good considering I am in Florida. I am 36 years old so it is never late to start your programming career. Regards, Oscar

Oscar Messina Student - Developer

Yeah ... i really appreciate your videos ... you make the things easier ... so a big thumbs up for you. Thanks allot


I just wanted to let you know that your courses are amazing. I have always been into coding, but never really pursued it as a career until I came across your courses. I am happy to confirm that within a year of taking many of your courses I am now a web developer with a company called Achieve Test Prep and I specialize in Salesforce platform development. I want others to know that this is not a joke, your courses could change their lives forever. I can't fathom in words the appreciation I have for you and your dedication to your students. Keep on teaching 🙂

Kenneth Kimbrell Student - Developer

You changed our lives so thank you!


A couple of months ago i bought the PHP course, i buy here very often and i'm an instructor (recording my first lesson soon) and I got a PHP class at school this year, unfortunaly i didn't understand a lot and it wasn't well given. But then i came across your course and i was impressed with how well you explained it and guess what, i love php more and more and that's all thanks to you!

I'm really grateful for this course and i'd like to thank you for it!

I did recommend the course to a friend of mine and he bought it as well and even he understands PHP a lot better than before!

You changed our lives so thank you!



Ditger De Wolf Student

A PHP teacher with passion and motivation. Great work !


I cannot tell you how grateful

I cannot tell you how grateful I am for getting the chance to learn from such an incredible teacher. When I found this course I was just expecting another informative course where I could learn something new (Angular) but I was so wrong. You are unlike any other teacher I have ever encountered (whether it be online or in real-life). I absolutely love how passionate you are about learning and motivating your students. You are by far the best teacher I have ever seen and I loved the video in your Angular course where you talked about yourself. I will definitely leave a 5 star review on your course and I hope to take many more of your courses.

If you want to know a little about me, my name is Miguel Roberts, I am half Dominican and half Jamaican and I am currently 15 years old. Throughout my life I have always been interesting in computer science but it wasn't until high school that I really became passionate about web developing (particularly Node Js). I have made a few websites but I have an idea for a new website that can maybe change the lives or more than just a few. Going into my junior year of high school, I really want to make my dream a reality and your courses have been an incredible means of getting me one step closer.

Thank you for your devotion to your students,

Miguel Roberts Student

Hello Edwin from the past XD. Thank you for your tutorial on udemy. Helped me a ton and I hope you are active and upload lectures on python too

Tanush bhagat

I wanna say thank you for all of this cool PHP things

Hi Edwin, I'm Zahid Telalovic, one of your students from PHP for Beginners - Become a PHP master - CMS Project online course. I just finished this course, and I wanna say thank you for all of this cool PHP things that I've learned from U, you're amazing man, really. I'm from Bosnia, one small and poor, but beautiful country, in Europe. The situation in my country is very bad, it's very hard to find some good job, it's, also, very hard to be successful here. I'm 22 years old, and for last 2 years I was looking for some job here, but unfortunately it was unsuccessful. Then, three or four months ago, I've decided to learn to code, to be different from other people here, becuase, programming in Bosnia is not as much as popular as it should be, unfortunately. First, I've learned fundamentals such as HTML and CSS, than, one of my friends from Germany suggested me, that I should learn to code in PHP. I took his advice, and I've started to learn PHP, I was watching some tutorials on YouTube, I've finished Codecademy PHP course, some PHP basics. And, than, one month ago, I saw an advertisement on YouTube about Udemy, and I've decided that I should take some course about PHP there, and that was your course, so what can I say, for about a month, I've learned a lot from you, and I want to learn much more, I want to be successful and good developer as much as you are, you are my inspiration, motivation, please, help me to reach my goals. Give me some advices for how can I become a good developer like you are. I'm enrolled in 3 of your courses, OOP, E-commerce, Laravel, , I've finished this PHP for Beginners course, can you suggest me, which course should I take next, one of those three, or some other that maybe I should enrolle in, what kind of things should I do, etc. Thank you a lot, you're great, you're amazing, people like you make this world a better place to live on. And, one more thing, I wan't to say you something on my native language

Zahid Telalović Student

Hi Edwin... This is your student Aizaz and i want to be a web developer that's why I take your udemy course of php... I learn a lot from your course, especially through your CMS project... I am in extra features in your course and I know after that I will be able to begin my life as a web developer... Friends I you wanna be a web developer try Edwin courses on udemy and begin your future this guy is really talented and hard worker...

Aizaz Ahmad

Edwin you are the best instructor out there! I enjoyed your lectures and they thought me everything I needed to know. I Followed your PHP Object Oriented Programming and the Become a Master in Laravel on Udemy and I made my own fully functioning website! You can check it here: www.yorodo.nl.

Rogier W

I've been in the IT industry for over 35 years. I've coded in many varied languages from the application side and the database side for clients throughout the country as an independent contractor. I have worked for the government, the armed services and major companies. Some might call me an expert. But make no mistake, my friends, the industry is changing and as it does, the client side languages we all learned are going the way of the Dodo. So it's time to learn new skills. Online skills. That's the new oil boom. So many opportunities just begging to be filled. But it all looked like gibberish to me. HTML? JavaScript? PHP? Not a clue. So, I went searching. I found Udemy and more importantly, Edwin Diaz. Within 5 months, with his lessons, I was able to completely transform my skill set. Taking my experience and his instruction, I re-built my current client's website from an unresponsive dinosaur to a sleek, dynamic and lightning fast web application that communicates with SQL Server and MySQL and handles hundreds of requests every day. In all my career, I have never had an instructor such as Edwin. He's direct, to the point, extremely informative and quite entertaining. He cares about his students and it shows. I can't say enough. So, if you're serious about changing your career and indeed your life, you simply must let Edwin guide you. There are many courses to choose from but please, choose one today. It'll change your life. Tom Inabnet

Tom Inabnet

Dear Edwin, If one day I have ever make somethings big in my life and succeed with it. I will tell you that you are part of it. Thank you for giving alot to the community and your students. One of your effort today at here contributing to thousand opportunity for other people tomorrow. Cheers =)


Learning from you was awesome! I now write OOP PHP fluently even when i had fear about that in the beginning.

Re-reading Laravel for just 4hrs puts me ahead on it because it is OOP based and I am presently learning Java which is also OOP based.

You are one of the few people I hope I will see personally someday.

Thank you for being you

Oluwadaisi Olugbenga Steve

Hi edwin. I just wanna say thank you to all your effort. Determination to teach. And sharing your knowledge to everyone. Ive watch your tutorial. And i learned a lot in the world of programming. I sorry to say that. I didnt purchase your course. Bcoz i dont have money to buy it. My friend give me copy of your course. But you give me a lot of motivation. Im 34 right now. I know its not too late to be a programmer. I considerd you as my best teacher. Thank you to your good hearth. And god bless you.


Thank you very much for your course on Php by building CMS and I have learned a lot. Thank you for being an awesome teacher.


I just want to thank you for being a good instructor for PHP Codeigniter, I learn a lot. This helps me for my thesis


Very good teacher. I can learn Lots of things from Edwin sir, thank you so much for the course. I can be left my coaching and Join your Udemy courses.

HasanAli Kharodiya

Hi Edwin! I just wanted to thank you for teaching me PHP the fun way! I bought an expensive class and it didn't teach me anything. But you managed to bring me faith that it is achievable and fun and because of you, I got a job as junior PHP developer!!!! Thank you for everything and I'm still continuing to learn from you.


Thank you, Edwin, you're really cool and amazing. I learn a lot from your lectures. please continue to build amazing tutorials and projects.

Ren Mission

Because of you, am a better developer. You're awesome!

Isale Bryan

hi Edwin, "if there is any word in dictonary greater then amazing...then you are that guy !......thanks alot my awesome mentor.. regards, Mohammad Hasan Qadri Mumbai,India.

Mohammad Hasan Qadri

thank you very much edwin, for your node.js course which help me to get job as junior node.js developer after talking it..

ngabo robert

I am big fan of yours . I have seen your many courses and i like your way of teaching.I want to take one of your course OOPphp but the problem is that i dont have money please can you give me for free plzzz plzzzz i am eager to learn new things but money is the issue.Plzzzzz i shall be very thankfull to you looking for your positive response

Hasham Aftab

Dear Teacher Edwin, I am so very proud to learn phone coding from you. I have seen a lot of tutorials but they help me nothing. After flowing all of your phone tutorial specially in blog design I learned procedural phone almost all in all. After that I have created different blog by my self. Thank you very much. You are really an important person that change me to like and study more php. You motivation and work is incredible. I won't forget you. Let almighty God bless you tremendaously. Thank you thank you Thank you very much.

Beresa Abebe

I have taken several of your courses in the past and I love your teaching style. You truly do care about teaching students new technologies that can help them either start a new career or improve on their current career. I just wanted to thank you for all of your hard work putting these awesome courses together. I know it may be a thankless job at times and I just wanted to make sure you knew I appreciate all you do.

God bless you and your family as well,

James Developer / Student

About the Author: Edwin Diaz Edwin Diaz is an Engineer / Programmer / Web developer, Instructor and Entrepreneur. Hobbies Include... traveling , biking, rollerblading , swimming, hiking , and writing. Personal Note: I believe in the higher power and I'm doing my part in giving without expecting to receive. I love helping people and I plan to leave my mark on this earth by doing all the best I can to help every human being I encounter.

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