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When I launched this course it was 14 lectures long and not it has grown to be over 300 lectures. This course is written with CORE PHP meaning that it will never run out of date. Students are able to learn programming from scratch along with learning PHP and other technologies. Thousands of students have taken this course and have changed their lives, you can see the reviews and the course here . I included a discount on the link just in case you decide to get it. If the discount expires, it’s super easy to find a coupon online by doing a google search with the title of the course and a keyword like “coupon” with it.

Why you should take this? This course is intended for beginners in programming, so it’s easy to follow and very easy to learn. This course a lot of technologies, and real-life projects that will the experience you need out there in the market place. In this course we build CRAZY cms applications like WordPress from scratch, this means that you will a LOT. Thousands of students have taken this course and got jobs, created their own business, are building their dream app, and much more.

PHP it’s in over 79% of the websites out there, no matter what you hear. PHP has been around for decades so it’s well supported, it’s getting faster, and now with great frameworks like Laravel, it’s fun to code again.

About the Author: Edwin Diaz Edwin Diaz is an Engineer / Programmer / Web developer, Instructor and Entrepreneur. Hobbies Include... traveling , biking, rollerblading , swimming, hiking , and writing. Personal Note: I believe in the higher power and I'm doing my part in giving without expecting to receive. I love helping people and I plan to leave my mark on this earth by doing all the best I can to help every human being I encounter.

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  • Edwin You are a great teacher. You really do know how to teach the weaker students. Thank you sir. I love you.

  • Great Teacher

  • Hey Edwin I’m a big fan of you. I really appreciate your work. I successfully completed your PHP for beginners. But I have a small request…can u do a lesson for upload multiple images and how to update that images, if you can please explain how to use Dropzone to this situation..

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