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Habits can be the breaking or making of a person’s future. Sometimes we neglect to notice the small things that we do without thinking that are responsible for changing our futures. I created this course to give you guys some wisdom into taking action and creating success in every aspect of your life. You can use that knowledge to stick to your goals and accomplish them no matter what they are.

About the Author: Edwin Diaz Edwin Diaz is an Engineer / Programmer / Web developer, Instructor and Entrepreneur. Hobbies Include... traveling , biking, rollerblading , swimming, hiking , and writing. Personal Note: I believe in the higher power and I'm doing my part in giving without expecting to receive. I love helping people and I plan to leave my mark on this earth by doing all the best I can to help every human being I encounter.

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  • Hey Edwin, I’m working as a Laravel developer thanks to your Php with Laravel for beginners course on Udemy (which I took back in 2019/2020). I haven’t been seeing much of you lately. I have so much gratitude for you and I really hope you’re doing well. Have a nice day!

  • Edwin, very positive person, thank you so much for your videos, lessons and motivation. I paid attention that you answer almost all questions if somebody asks. Live long , and wish you more success than you expect in life.

  • Thanks Edwin for this vide.

    Just FYi. I have been learning your couse PHP for beginners – Become a PHP Master – CMS Project.

  • Alright, Edwin. I love this video. Just registered on Code Faculty and taking your courses. It’s nice to actually see your face really and hear your story 🙂 🙂 Nice job and I’ll surely put these to work. I advise every other person to do so too.

  • Edwin Diaz it will mean everything to me if you reply my comment… you completely changed my life with your PHP for absolute beginners, I loved that course so much that I keep recommending to people… I will love it so much if I can get my hands on your Laravel tutorials. Please can i get a valid coupon for that.. thank you

  • Hi Edwin. I’m currently studying your PHP course on Udemy, and yesterday found your website, and then watched this video. You say not to use a computer 2 hours before sleep, or even not to watch TV? Then, what to do instead? I normally watch movies on Netflix from 7-9pm, then do some small chores and go to sleep. But I can’t get up earlier than 7am as I get up once or twice at night to use toilet (my bladder wakes me up!), then can’t fall asleep straight away. I wish I could have sleep only 6 hours like you do, but it’s not possible for me. If I got up even at 5am, I would be sleepy all day.

  • Thanks for the knowledge. Looking forward to the videos on the daily routine and the courses to follow as a developer.

  • Thanks Edwin. That was very insightful

  • This is the kind of motivational video/s I had been looking for! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge my mentor!

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