Your mind is the center of your world

The Mind Let’s start with the most important (YOUR MIND). You heard me correctly! The most important part of you is your mind. When I changed the way I thought about things my life changed for ever, but the issue is, the outside surroundings can interfere with our thinking and pull us back into sleep mode. Do you know why you feel the way you do? Because of the stuff, you think about. Think about it! When you feel down

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Why we are so blessed…..

We woke this morning breathing and alive!!!! If any of these apply to you, you are blessed….. I can see I can walk I can talk I am healthy I have energy I have a computer I have a phone I have a car I have somebody that loves me I love somebody I’m pretty sure you can add more things to this list. Be grateful for the things you have today and don’t take them for granted. Edwin Diaz

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